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Roxy (Border Collie)


"For many years we didn’t go on holiday or away for the weekend because we didn’t want to leave our dogs in kennels as we had had bad experiences previously. Roxy, our border collie was especially difficult as she was very needy and required good walks due to her breed. We struggled to find anyone who could fulfil our needs until Jo offered to look after her while we went on holiday. 


We knew Jo loves dogs as much as us and has the perfect house and surrounding land to meet Roxy’s needs. When we arrived back from the holiday we could see that Roxy had never looked happier and had been well looked after. For many more years of Roxy’s life Jo looked after her and we think Roxy enjoyed her holiday at Jo’s as much as we enjoyed our holiday." 

Craig Turner, Cardiff

Errol (Cockerpoo)


"Errol has stayed with Jo and Neil on several occasions. He enjoys his visits so much that he starts bouncing as soon as we enter the driveway and races out of the car to meet them.


Jo and Neil have a real affinity with dogs and they treat Errol like one of their own when he stays. They are welcoming, knowledgeable and relaxed, I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Will Crane, Bedwas

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Bella and Luna (Sprocker and Cocker Spaniels)


" I've used kennels before with my previous dogs and after their stay I swore I’d never put them through it again, then Jo offered to look after them for me and it was a massive game changer !!

I now don’t feel guilty for leaving them because they’re being well looked after and are in safe hands, they come back happy. They love the grounds, exploring the woods and love the stream which makes Bella and Luna very happy. I would definitely recommend Jo, my fur babies love her. "

Beth Rogers, Cardiff

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IMG_1623 (1).JPG
Millie (Cocker Spaniel)


" Millie has been staying with Jo since she’s been a puppy. I couldn’t ask for a better place for her to stay when we go away, and wouldn’t want to leave her anywhere else now.  I trust Jo implicitly and know that when Millie is in her care, she is as loved and as well looked after as if she were in her own home with us. In fact, sometimes I wonder if she wants to come home after her holiday 😊.

Equally, I know and can see how much Millie loves Jo and her family, which again takes away the stress of ever leaving her.

We feel very lucky, Thank you Jo. ❤ "

Jo Lloyd, Whitchurch, Cardiff

Archie (Cockerpoo)


"Archie vs Jo - well what can I say! A match made in heaven.

The first time Archie met Jo and the family he fitted in straight away into the welcoming loving family of humans and dogs. Fun, laughter and play.

As Archie being our first puppy, I was very optimistic at leaving him, but Jo made us all feel very welcome. Archie has an absolutely amazing time in their company, whenever we collect him he always looks happy and certainly shows signs he thoroughly enjoyed himself.


When we arrive at Jo’s to drop him off, he sits on the doorstep and waits for Jo to answer, wagging his little tail and can’t wait to see Rio and Noodles.

Jo has looked after him many, many times, since and we feel very happy and content leaving our little Archie with Jo and the family."

Claire Fear and Rob Jones, Cardiff

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Nell (Bedlington - Whippet)


" Jo has been looking after my dogs for almost 25 years now and there is no-one I would trust them with more than I do her. Whether I’ve travelled with work, needed to make emergency family trips or gone away for month long planned breaks Jo has always been there to help whenever needed.  


She knows them all as well as she knows her own pups and is amazing at catering for their individual needs, so much so mine whine with excitement when they realise where they’re going and are always unimpressed when it’s time to come home! That is all I need to see to know how happy they are when they’re with her. I can’t recommend her enough!"

Sally Smith - Cwmfelinfach

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