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Joe Fowler

Born: 2015

Likes: Playing chase with other dogs, chasing tennis balls and birds. Getting attention and fuss from people. The hose pipe.

Dislikes: Plastic bags

My Story

I was a long term border at Maesydderwen Dog Boarding and Day Care, whilst my elderly owner went in and out of hospital, unfortunately, I couldn't return to my owner but luckily Jo and Neil adopted me so I could stay with them.    

I am a typical border collie, I love to play chase and like to bark at animals on the TV.  I have a habit of booping people around the house when I want food or attention, the peoples are learning slowly! I love to run and play with the visiting dogs when we are in the woods and paddock and make sure they explore the streams and check out the ball crate.  Mum says I'm very loyal and loving and a great help when exercising the other dogs.

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