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Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions which we are regularly asked, we will add to this page as your questions come in.  Please let us know if there is information you think should usefully be on this page or elsewhere on the website. 

How many dogs do you look after at one time?

I am licenced to care for up to four visiting dogs at one time.   

How do the boarding fees get calculated?

We try to keep this simple, so it is £30 for every overnight stay, regardless of how early or late in the day you pick them up or drop them off. For day care it is £20 for a full day and 12.50 for a half day (see our services for details)

What should I bring for my dog?

We have plenty of bedding, toys, food bowls, etc. so the only thing that they really need from home is enough food for their stay with us and of course any medication they are taking. However, it is recommended that you provide a bed, blanket or a favourite toy or any personal items that would be familiar and comforting for your dog to help them settle in.  This is particularly important if it is their first stay with us.

When should I pick up and/or drop off my dog?

For day care services:

The arrival and pick up times are stipulated on the 'Our Services' page, you may drop off later and pick earlier than the times stated, but we'll agree an approximate time when you book in so that I can schedule the daily walks. 


For home boarding:

You may drop off your dog anytime during the day or early evening, we can agree a time when you book in.  However, it is preferable if you can drop off your dog whilst there are still a few hours of daylight so that I can take them for a walk with the  other dogs, this will help your dog relax and settle into the family for their first evening. 

You may pick up your dog at anytime during the day or early evening but we will need to agree an approximate time in advance.  This will help me time your dog's walk/s on their final day and coordinate any new arrivals.

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